Make America Funk Tour: Minneapolis/Duluth


Our campaign started on June 15th at The Amsterdam in St. Paul, Minnesota. We then headed north to Duluth, where apart from playing our set, we spent the night drinking beet infused gin at the Red Herring Lounge.  For those of you wondering what beet gin tasted like, imagine what a beet tastes like, then imagine what gin tastes like, and put those together. We ended the first leg of our tour with a truly funky night at Whiskey Junction in Minneapolis, where we shared the stage with local groovesters Sons of Groove. Before we left the Land of Ten Thousand Lakes and one hundred butter sculptures, we spent some time writing and recording the first of a new batch of policy planks ("songs") that would be the basis for our presidential campaign. Those new positions can be found HERE!  After a few days of hard work, we headed back to our respective homes for a few days before setting out to meet our fellow Porksters on the East Coast for another round of campaigning. 

We know what we need to be successful on the road.