Make America Funk Again: Ann Arbor

The second leg of our campaign started with a town hall meeting Ann Arbor, Michigan.  However, a only a few hours into the trip, our campaign encountered its first scandal: a brick right in the middle of the road, which left one of the Pork van's rear tires completely shredded. With the help of a tow truck and one of Portage, MI's finest, we made our way to a local Pep Boys to replace the tire. Our deepest thanks to Officer Lafey who generously helped transport four Porky's in his squad car.  An hour later, after successfully navigating Tire-Gate, we were able to make it to Ann Arbor's Vail Co-op, where we had an incredible night playing withTear Soup and Scissor Now, who played one song in particular that we felt an extra special connection to.