Make America Funk Again: New Orleans and Beyond

After our whirlwind day in Washington, we charted course for New Orleans! These few days were our first in a while without a gig, so we stopped in Columbus, Bloomington, and Nashville along the way, visiting some old friends and making some new ones. It was a welcome break that allowed us to relax and enjoy the trip. We eventually made it down to New Orleans, which ended up being one of the highlights of the tour!  We spent about a week in the Big Easy, during which time we funked and down the French Quarter, stuffed our faces with beignets at Cafe Du Monde, and played four different shows at Rare Form, Lucky's Bar and Grill, Howlin' Wolf, and a house-warming party for our friends generous hosts who put up with us for six days. Oh, and we carried out several well deserved pizza slaps. What is a pizza slap, you ask? It's a time honored Porky's tradition! When someone loses a bet, that person is slapped in the face with a piece of Little Caesar's pizza.  Examples can be found on the Porky's facebook!  

After an absolutely amazing few days in NOLA, we now have a little Porky's family down south (oops)!

Overall, the tour was a huge success.  We met so many new friends and had so many amazing experiences, and owe more thank you's than we can shake a stick at. This tour would not have been possible without the friends and families that fed us, housed us, and put up with our shenanigans as we made our way across the country talking about the issues no other campaign is talking about.  We also want to extend our sincerest and snout-felt gratitude to every person who came out to see us along the way.  Without your dancing, funkitude, and electoral support, we would just be a bunch of weird, sweaty dudes. Instead, we're running for president with our name on the ballot in no states! We love each and every one of you!