Greetings Funktopians!

Welcome to Planet Funk, the new home of Porky's Groove Machine!

Check out videos of our "Magic Brunch" recording session, the audio result of that work as well as our debut EP, "This Would Be A Great Present For My Grandma," our calendar, a history of the band as written by drunk Nick Allen four years ago, and a number of ways to connect with the band.

Also, keep your eyes peeled here and on Facebook for news of our tour in June-July. We will be playing shows in Minneapolis, Madison, Milwaukee, Chicago, Ann Arbor, and possibly more, and we are insanely excited. We have a few shows in Appleton and Steven's Point if you just can't wait so check out the calendar

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Thank you all for checking out, supporting, dancing to, singing along with, and jamming with the Groove Machine. Funk on!