Porky's Groove Machine is the intergalactic ambassador of Wisconsin’s silliest nerd funk. Since forming in 2011 we’ve been spreading the funk across the Midwest and East Coast. Comprised of a three-piece horn section and auxiliary percussionist on top of a traditional rock rhythm section, the Groove Machine's sophisticated musicality and not-so-sophisticated humor has been described by Julian Loida of WIUX (Bloomington, IN) as "the vibe of the B-52's and the Flaming Lips combined with the sound of Phish, G. Love and Special Sauce, and New Orleans music."

The Groove Machine is Captain Queso, Dumpsta Boi AKA CatDog, Hot Dog Trombone, Squid, Robeert, Dave the Red Ranger, Bongomaster 3000, and Lerry.

Releases include "Porkus" (April, 2017), our 2016 presidential campaign platform, “Make America Funk Again” (July 2016),  "Magic Brunch" (May 2014), and "This Would Be A Great Present For My Grandma” (November 2011).

“It’s old school funk, the kind that you just don’t hear that much anymore.

The Atlantic’s “Song of the Day”


"With their tongues firmly planted in their cheeks, Appleton’s Porky's Groove Machine plays campus-ready dance-able white guy funk that is ready to help you get on with your baddest self."

Madison's Maximum Ink Music Magazine


Porky’s Groove Machine opened up in Indianapolis and captivated the crowd with their...wacky costumes, and contagious funk grooves.”

Indianapolis’s 92.3 WTTS


If you get seriously tired of serious people, this is the band for you! It’s like Phish, The Lonely Island, Flight of The Concords, and a New Orleans brass band made a record. I'm very intrigued by their commitment to the music and equal commitment to being goofy, odd, weird, and downright immature haha! But when it’s not by accident I find that intent very respectable. A fresh and fun group. Get your groove on with Porky’s Groove Machine. Here are some of my favorites tunes: Catstac, Puberty, Come Around, Magic Brunch"

Julian Loida, R&B&L on WIUX


“When listening to this album, it was hard for me to sit still—all the songs made me want to bob my head and bop around. Each track felt balanced in duration, instrumentation, and every song had little nuances that added professional polish to this funky album. Although listening to the album is an enjoyable experience, watching the music videos intensified the funk exponentially. In them we can see “Robeert”—an amiable and immobile robot made of beer cans—saluting and supervising the entire performance. An incredibly majestic tiger rug covers the jazz room floor. The walls are garnished by cardboard bulldog heads, painstakingly dissected from many a case of Red Dog. Goofiness aside, it takes a skillful band to come up with such an entertaining and seamlessly groovy collection of songs.”

Anastasia Skliarova, The Lawrentian